Tectura Microsoft Dynamics NAV Add-on Solutions

Tectura offers add-on solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV designed to enhance your business solution capabilities. These add-on solutions address your unique business requirements enabling your business to run more efficiently.

Tectura Add-on solutions for Microsoft Dynamics NAV:
Asset Maintenance
Asset Maintenance for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Asset Maintenance, a computerized maintenance management system (CMMS), enables companies to establish an effective maintenance schedule, rapidly respond to machine problems and anticipate repairs. With Asset Maintenance, you can track all maintenance costs, outsourced services such as contracted labor and purchased services and materials. Also, you gain the ability to respond immediately to reported equipment problems and resolve issues before they impact your business.

The Asset Maintenance add-on empowers you to:
  • Streamline and automate asset maintenance schedules
  • Easily track and view information related to assets
  • Create work requests and work orders
  • Monitor and prioritize your backlog.
  • Analyze cost trends
Commission for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Commission offers the flexibility needed to support your company-specific commission structure requirements using documents created in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The variables which make up a commission structure can be complex. Commission manages this data end-to-end and makes all the calculation methods and results transparent to the user and the recipient. This add-on solution is simple to administer and offers the flexibility needed to support your company-specific commission structure requirements.

Microsoft Dynamics NAV, delivered by Tectura, empowers you to:
  • Streamline your commission and bonus models.
  • Calculate commissions and bonuses effectively.
  • Setup multiple schedules.
  • Easily adjust commission basis.
  • Track settlements through audit trail
Document Configurator
Document Configurator for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Document Configurator simplifies the process of modifying Role Tailored Client printouts. It takes the design work from the report development tools and brings it into a setup environment in Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It enables users to carry out modifications without any programming skills. The Document Configurator comes with 21 predefined layout templates that can be used without any change or with further modifications.

Document Configurator helps you to:
  • Design your documents without programming skill.
  • Use 21 ready-to-use ‘out of the box’ documents.
  • Take ownership of designing the printouts.
  • Reduce implementation time and cost.
Graphical Extension
Graphical Extension for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Graphical Extension is specifically designed for manufacturers, providing a user-friendly graphical interface. This tool is tailored precisely to the standard production functionality of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. It contains all the functions and data of the production module in real-time visual presentation and many functions can be executed directly from the graphic. The graphical interface makes information easier to understand and manipulate. Graphical Extension helps reduce the processing time significantly.

Graphical Extension features:
  • User-friendly interface
  • Installation in just a few steps
  • Quick and simple procedures
  • Individual preference options
  • Business logic maintained in Microsoft Dynamics NAV
Quality Maintenance
Quality Management and Vendor Rating for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Quality Management and Vendor Rating, built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, enables you to ensure the quality of your products and services meets the needs of your customers continuously. You decide what, when and how you test and document. It also provides the continuous monitoring of your vendors’ performance to ensure your high quality standards are achieved through optimization of processes related to acquisition of materials and services.

Quality Management and Vendor Rating features:
  • Tracking quality management throughout supply chain
  • Simplify log management with quality visibility
  • Integrated vendor rating
  • User ability to customize quality parameters and vendor assessment.
Time Management
Time for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Time, built on Microsoft Dynamics NAV, accurately compiles and efficiently structures your resource time.

It contains two critical components:
  • Time Data Capturing: Records all personnel-related times and manages time accounts.
  • Factory Data Capturing: Collects Time data and quantities for manufacturing orders and machines.
Time features:
  • Data can be imported from Microsoft Dynamics NAV or entered separately.
  • Individually installed and configured according to collective bargaining and company agreements.
  • Analytical tools for quick identification and the corresponding correction of implausible or missing time entries.
  • Factory data capturing and order completion confirmation with daily statements and time distribution.
  • Preconfigured interfaces to the Microsoft Dynamics NAV modules Manufacturing, Service and Tectura add-ons.
Workflow for Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Workflow, powered by agiles Workflow, can help you standardize and monitor your processes giving you complete control over your business operations. Workflows and the associated business logic and dependencies can be modeled directly in Microsoft Dynamics NAV or Microsoft Visio. Microsoft Dynamics NAV executes workflows automatically on the basis of events and freely-definable conditions. Workflow also enables you to run processes in parallel. Shorter processing times when dealing with customer inquiries and increased transparency ensure greater customer satisfaction.

The Workflow add-on empowers you to:
  • Standardize your process workflows.
  • Build workflows quickly and easily.
  • Minimize errors through validation checks.
  • Reduce lag time through automated messages and alerts.
  • Gain insight into your processes.
  • Respond faster to market/process change.
  • Achieve flexibility and transparency regardless of where you are.