Release & Deployment Management

Ensuring Technology Changes are Deployed Correctly

Technology changes bring in new challenges for businesses. While deploying a new solution the companies need to decide on two aspects: the right functionality and deployment without disruption. Release and Deployment Management is the process of managing a change to the solution environment due to a new development, upgrade, bug fix, or configuration change. To guarantee that these updates are correctly applied, it is vital to carefully review and test the changes before they go into a production environment. Tectura can manage these requirements for you.

Why Release & Deployment Management?
  • Ensure updates are installed correctly
  • Rely on secure testing
  • Reduce downtime and disruptions
  • Maintain optimal level of productivity
The Tectura Advantage

Ourexperienced team delivers a comprehensive service – from start to finish - ensuring the change or update is correctly planned, documented, tested, and implemented correctly. We ensure that the changes fit your organization’s needs and minimize any disruption to your day-to-day operations. When handling our clients’ data, security is our top priority.

Gain full confidence in your system changes and maintain control over your IT investment

Implementing system changes is not just about ensuring that all updates are installed correctly; ultimately it’s about managing risk associated with such changes. Partnering with Tectura allows you to maintain control at all stages of the project. Tectura provides a one-stop shop, covering the entire solution stack resulting in better control of your IT environment and reduced cost in licensing and maintenance. You can rely on our expertise and global reach to help you protect the IT investment you have already made.