Version Management Services
Keep Your Technology Consistent and Up-to-date

An organizations’ technology environment can be quite complex. With many different components that need to work in sync to avoid disruptions, you must ensure that you remain compliant and prepared for future upgrades. However, keeping track of all these elements can be challenging. Version management services focus on recording and managing all versions of the different software, hardware, and firmware components that make up the stack of your solution. Tectura can help you manage all of these requirements to ensure your technology consistent and up-to-date.

Why Version Management?
  • Gain complete understanding of systems’ versions
  • Improve audit readiness
  • Maintain optimal systems productivity
  • Ensure upgrade efficiency
Get Full Transparency of Your IT Environment

The main focus of our version management services is to provide full clarity of the versions that you are currently running on. We develop a plan for potential upgrades to achieve optimal systems productivity. Our objective is to ensure that all versions are consistent, work together and are current, based on both the suppliers recommendation and legislative requirements. We can track all new versions that are released across Microsoft, third-party applications, hardware and infrastructure. Based on this information we can identify newer versions of the stack that will work together as an upgrade to achieve optimal business benefits and ROI. We ensure audit readiness and industry compliance.

Relying on the Right Partner

You need to rely on a partner that understands not just your technology but also your industry and business requirements. Tectura has the expertise and experience to help you navigate these challenges. Our consultants understand the entire Microsoft Dynamics technology – from the application to infrastructure and third-party integrations. As a global organization with local expertise, Tectura offers version management services that ensure local legislation and compliance requirements are maintained at all times. We can give you the assurance that your systems are compliant and operating at the highest level of performance so you can focus on your core business.

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