End-to-End Retail ERP, CRM and POS Solutions for Specialty Retailers

Delivering You the Competitive Edge

A niche retail segment requires a specialized solution to become competitive. As general retailers are becoming more nimble and technology savvy to provide unique shopping experience to customers, it’s necessary for specialty retailers to become smarter. Tectura delivers Microsoft ERP, CRM and POS software designed for specialty retailers. These solutions help you meet the demands of strong competition from mass market retailers and customers who have more information at their fingertips than ever before. Today, consumers can compare, shop and communicate in a digital realm more effectively.

Built on Microsoft Dynamics, Tectura’s end-to-end retail solutions provide insight into all aspects of your business—including sales analysis, trending, customers, inventory management, margins and costs, and merchandise management.

Tectura is helping Specialty Retailers throughout the world to:
  • Increase sales by improving inventory control and forecasting
  • Ensure the right product is available in the right channel
  • Improve customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Reduce inventory, operating and technology costs
  • Create a consistent brand image through multi-channel marketing
  • Drive more targeted and successful marketing campaigns
  • Adopt omni-channel strategy to increase outreach
  • Derive maximum benefits from an integrated supply chain