Tectura Press Releases

Tectura Strengthens Solution Offerings for the Automotive and Heavy Equipment Industry in APAC

Annata is a global Microsoft Dynamics AX ISV (Independent Software Vendor) providing solutions to the Automotive and Heavy Equipment Industries.  Annata IDMS™ for Microsoft Dynamics AX is a Certified for Microsoft Dynamics (CfMD) ERP solution for businesses dealing with cars, motorcycles, trucks, buses, construction equipment, agricultural equipment, material handling equipment and various other types of heavy machinery.

“Tectura has been an Annata certified partner since 2010, initially as a regional certified reseller in North America. With Tectura expanding their relationship with Annata into APAC, we see new opportunities in supporting our fastest growing markets, and to support larger regional and global projects,” stated Johann Jonsson, Annata CEO.

With Tectura’s experience and proven ability in supporting global automotive and heavy equipment manufacturing leaders, the company leverages its extensive global infrastructure, vast experience and its 60+ office network to provide multi-service delivery in the automotive and heavy equipment industry. Expansion of their partnership with Annata strengthens the company’s industry solution offerings addressing the unique requirements for Dealer Management, Fleet Management, Heavy Equipment Manufacturing and Equipment Distribution.

“Annata IDMS is a robust solution that will complement and add real depth to our existing portfolio of product offerings and solutions for the automotive and heavy equipment industry in the APAC region,” stated Neill Hills-Johnes, Tectura, Executive Vice President, South Asia.  “Annata is a perfect addition to our rapidly expanding business.  Our extended relationship with Annata will immediately offer real value to the automotive and heavy equipment manufacturers in APAC.”

Annata IDMS is used by local, regional and global businesses on five continents with approximately 35,000 users sold to clients ranging in size from 20 to 5,000 users. It is available in 15 languages, with five more being introduced this year.

The partnership will open many new opportunities for both Tectura and Annata in high-growth markets while bringing sustainable business benefits to Automotive and Heavy Equipment manufacturers in the APAC region. The collaborative efforts of two market leaders will create new, value-add benefit that will drive additional efficiencies throughout the automotive and heavy equipment industry.